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VIP Mobile Website


Product Description

VIP Mobile Websites

Select from our range of “VIP” Mobile Websites. We can also add additional pages, or customize the site to suit your needs or to match an existing website. There are currently 28 stunning designs to choose from, and we also offer a customization service.


VIP Mobile Websites

(To see the full range of styles, including latest arrivals, please visit demo page – located on our main website)

VIP Mobile Websites

Click here to visit the “VIP Mobile Websites” demos page

(External Link to our demo website)

VIP Mobile Websites

Each VIP Mobile Website Includes:

Each “VIP Mobile Website” is fully “Responsive”, and includes the following pages:

  • Homepage,
  • Contact Form
  • About Us page
  • Business Hours page
  • Our Services page
  • Privacy Policy page
  • Terms & Conditions page
  • PLUS: Bonus Landing Page

Optional Extras

Plus additional pages can also be added to the VIP Mobile Websites to expand functionality. Additional pages available include:

  • Find Us page with Google Map,
  • RSS Feeds / News page,
  • Photo Gallery,
  • Video Gallery,
  • Coupons,
  • Events
  • and more

VIP Mobile Websites – New Additions

Below: 8 NEW STYLES ADDED 26/10/2012:

New Designs Added - VIP Mobile Websites

New Designs Added - VIP Mobile Websites





Please select your desired style / niche from the list below. Remember to include this information for us within your purchase / order form.

  1. VIP-001 Appliance Repair
  2. VIP-002 Attorney
  3. VIP-003 Auto-Repair
  4. VIP-004 Bail Bonds
  5. VIP-005 Chiropractic
  6. VIP-006 Computer Repair
  7. VIP-007 Dentistry
  8. VIP-008 Florist
  9. VIP-009 A/C Repair
  10. VIP-010 Locksmith
  11. VIP-011 Pest Control
  12. VIP-012 Pizza
  13. VIP-013 Plumbing
  14. VIP-014 Realtor (Real Estate)
  15. VIP-015 Spa Salon
  16. VIP-016 Taxi
  17. VIP-017 Towing
  18. VIP-018 Veterinarian
  19. VIP-019 Quick Cash
  20. VIP-020 Roofing
  21. VIP-021 Golf
  22. VIP-022 Gardening
  23. VIP-023 Stately Home – Light Version
  24. VIP-024 Stately Home – Dark Version
  25. VIP-025 Hairdresser
  26. VIP-026 Gifts
  27. VIP-027 Nightclub / Bar
  28. VIP-028 Restaurant
  29. NEW: VIP-029 Midnight
  30. NEW: VIP-030 Eco Spa
  31. NEW: VIP-031 Appwerks – Light Version
  32. NEW: VIP-032 Appwerks – Dark Version



Additional Information

VIP Niches:

VIP-001 Appliance Repair, VIP-002 Attorney, VIP-003 Auto-Repair, VIP-004 Bail Bonds, VIP-005 Chiropractic, VIP-006 Computer Repair, VIP-007 Dentistry, VIP-008 Florist, VIP-009 A/C Repair, VIP-010 Locksmith, VIP-011 Pest Control, VIP-012 Pizza, VIP-013 Plumbing, VIP-014 Realtor (Real Estate), VIP-015 Spa Salon, VIP-016 Taxi, VIP-017 Towing, VIP-018 Veterinarian, VIP-019 Quick Cash / Pay-Day Loans, VIP-020 Roofing, VIP-021 Golf, VIP-022 Gardening, VIP-023 Stately Home – Light Version, VIP-024 Stately Home – Dark Version, VIP-025 Hairdresser, VIP-026 Gifts, VIP-027 Nightclub / Bar, VIP-028 Restaurant / Cafe, NEW: VIP-029 Midnight, NEW: VIP-030 Eco Spa, NEW: VIP-031 Appwerks – Light Version, NEW: VIP-032 Appwerks – Dark Version

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