Terms and Conditions Policy

Last Modified: 19 August 2021


Currently we can only accept payments made via PayPal.

Returns Policy

All purchases are final. Due to the nature of digital goods, once purchased and downloaded they cannot be returned, therefore we cannot accept returns or provide refunds. Please consider your choice carefully before purchasing as all purchases are non-refundable and final.

Installation Services

We will soon be launching a website “Installation Service” for customers who need it. Please note that purchases of any services will be absolutely final and no refunds will be given under any circumstances.  Please refer to the “Installation Service” page or our Blog section of this site for details & pricing once our installation services are available.


We do all / most work in-house ourselves but sometimes we might need to outsource some of this work, however we will do our best to ensure any work carried out on our behalf is done efficiently and is done well, and we will always strive to ensure utmost customer satisfaction. To learn more please read our Installation Services Terms & Conditions Document once the service is launched…..

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