Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions – if you can’t find the answers to what you are looking for listed here then please contact us.

Our website packages are built using the WordPress CMS software. We use WordPress because it is the easiest to learn and use, even for beginners, and allows our clients to log in and edit their websites themselves (without needing to hire expensive experts).

Yes, WordPress software is free, however it is bare-bones and comes without many of the basics needed (such as contact forms, security plugins, etc) or demo content which we add to our website packages. The default WordPress theme is also very basic and unsuitable for most businesses or shops. Our website packages are actually great value and can save you weeks or even months of work.

WordPress is now the worlds most popular website software/platform and powers over 40% of websites globally. One reason it has become so popular is because it is very easy to use and learn, even for beginners. Another reason is the large community behind it – who provide everything from free support forums to thousands of free plugins and themes.

Yes!. You will get access to free theme and plugin updates/updated versions whenever an update is released.

No. We don’t provide free ongoing support for the 3rd party themes and plugins. We only provide the software. If you need support you will need to purchase the software and or support service from the developer(s) concerned. Some developers also may charge a separate ongoing fee for their support or to access their support forums, each individual developer/company is different – please view the developers websites to view their terms and conditions and for details on accessing each specific developers support.

For free plugins and themes  free support is often available from the plugin or theme developer via the WordPress.org website (although this is not always the case).

If you need additional help or support we offer a monthly website maintenance plan and an (unlimited) Content Edits plan (which also includes website maintenance). With the second option you also get expert assistance for your plugins and themes included in the monthly fee.

Yes, and we pay a lot of money to include them in our packages.

No, we don’t add your images and content (unless you want or need us to – in which case there would be a fee, and the cost would depend on the amount of images and text etc). A website with EVERYTHING done for you would normally cost many thousands of dollars and take weeks to complete. We have priced our website packages at a fraction of the normal cost, and we deliver them to you all ready for you to add your own content.

Not difficult at all, it’s very easy to do, and because we also install demo content (with all the pages styled nicely) it’s VERY EASY. Just swap the demo images with your own images, edit the text to suit your needs and you are done. We also provide all our clients with a complimentary membership subscription to our members-only website portal, where you will find a wealth of information and resources to help you, not only with WordPress but also for online business in general.

Yes you can use an old or current domain name that you already have if you prefer to use that instead of a new one. We can reconfigure and re-direct your old/current domain name to your new website and hosting server location for you too, if you want. Depending on the time involved for us to re-configure the DNS (“Domain Name Servers”) settings, there may be no additional charge involved, or there may be a small fee if you want us to change the DNS settings (or you can do it yourself, if you prefer).

To change your DNS settings we would need you to provide us with the details and access to your domain name account (login URL, login username & password) in order for us to reconfigure the domain name settings.

Our special offer is for 1 year Free Business Hosting, which includes:

  • Free SSL Certificate (from “Lets Encrypt”)
  • SSD Storage – 100 GB
  • Traffic – 5000 GB /mo
  • Data Center location: USA or Europe
    (Asia – Hong Kong – is also available but is much dearer and therefore is not included in this free hosting offer. If you need Asian based data center hosting we could arrange it for you if the extra fees are paid).

Yes! We have a “Pay Later” feature enabled on this website, so you can pay in 4 interest-free installments if you wish* (*Note: The “Pay Later” feature is currently only available for 4 interest free payments of AUD $30 to AUD $1500).

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