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FAQ – About Our Website Installation Service



FAQ – About Our Website Installation Service….

Q1: How long does the installation service take?

A1: Once we have received your payment & the payment has been verified by our  system, we will begin to install your site within approximately 24-48 hours, possibly sooner (unless you should require additional work, such as eg: logo design etc). We will also need some details from you before we can install your site (see question)


Q2: How long will it take to actually build my website?

A2: This depends on the website you purchased / ordered.  The installation and setup  time can vary greatly between products – For example, our “Budget Turnkey Websites” are the fastest, however our “Premium Websites” are far more time-consuming & intricate, so they take much longer to set up. Some rough time estimates are below:

Budget Turnkey Websites: Once we commence building it should only take about 60-180 minutes to finish building and configuring your new “Budget Turnkey Website”, providing all goes well.

Premium Websites: Once we commence building it can take anywhere from a couple of hours up to several days or even longer to finish building and configuring your new “Premium Website”, providing all goes well.


Q3: What things will I need to have BEFORE my site can be installed?

Unless these items are already included in the package that you purchased, you will also need:

  • A Web hosting account
  • A Domain Name
  •  Note: If you also want us to configure your domain name settings then we will also need access to your domain name account – we will need this in order to ‘point’ the domain name server to the new website server (….this is done by logging into your domain name account & setting the DNS server details). This service costs extra, and is not included in our installation price (unless specified otherwise)

Q4: What else do I need to provide you with before the Website Installation?

  • Your company or businesses relevant details (eg: your site name, domain name, site tag line,company name, company email, company address, company fax and any other essential details).
  • URL of your web host server, plus also your web hosting account details (of username and password – they are required in order to allow us to access the server).
  • Your company Logo* and Favicon, (if you have one)

* business logo must be the same size as per your chosen theme requires – Note: if you don’t already have a logo then we can design one for you, or edit your current logo to suit the logo dimensions of the new theme for a small fee. Please note that if a logo is included in a package, such as in our “Budget Turnkey Websites”, it would still need to be edited to suit your individual needs, (such as inserting your company name etc) – editing and re-sizing of logo files is NOT included in any of our package (unless specified otherwise).


Q5: What does the Installation Service include?

A3: Once your site is installed and configured we will ensure that WordPress is up-to-date, and if it includes any plugins then we will try to ensure that the plugins are also up-to-date (note: sometimes this is not possible – ie:  if there is a problem or conflict issues with the latest version of the plugin, or if the plugin is temporarily unavailable, etc). We will also add your custom Logo and Favicon to the site (if you provide them to us) at no charge.

Installation Service Includes:

  • Installation of the site
  • Configuration of the site
  • Creation of MySQL Database
  • Creation of user account for MySQL Database
  • Install website database into MySQL Database
  • Update WordPress, if required
  • Update plugins, if required (providing there are no known issues that prevent updating)
  • Basic configuration of plugins


Q6: What DOESN’T the Installation Service include?

The following things are NOT included, (unless stated otherwise on the product pages):

  • Web Hosting (unless specified otherwise)
  • Domain Name (unless specified otherwise)
  • Configuration of your domain name server settings is not included (we can’t do this because this needs to be done via your domain name registrar website – and you will need to log in to your domain name account & then configure it to your web host DNS).  – If you get stuck, we can do this task for you for a small fee – we would need your domain-name registrar account log-on details & the password – if you are interested in this service then please contact us to inquire more about this service.
  • Installation of any other themes / templates
  • Customization of any theme / template
  • Creation or customization of company Logo (Note: for logo inclusion you will need to provide us with your company logo before installation).
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not included. Although some very basic SEO has been done to some of the sites (as is the case with our “Budget Turnkey Websites”) , you will still need to optimize the site to your specific needs – and anyone who tells you different is lying.  SEO work needs to be done on an individual basis – it cannot be automated or quickly done in a matter of minutes and it can take SEO experts many hours / days / weeks to properly optimize a website. SEO work also needs to be updated from time-to-time (at the very least, if not regularly) too. Once your site is installed you will need to optimize your site for the search engines using your own unique and uniquely relevant keywords (to do this you will need to research your keywords). SEO is highly specialized work,  and we can provide SEO Services if you should require assistance.
  • Fine-Tuning of all the WordPress settings and any additional plugins installed. This task can take a while to do properly and all individually customized for your unique or particular business, and so the plugins we install will naturally have a generic configuration. I therefore recommend that you either hire us (or someone else) to fine-tune them for you, or alternatively you should inspect all plugins, theme and the WordPress settings following the installation and then fine-tune them to your particular needs (……..this can be greatly beneficial to your sites SEO too).
  • Installing of any additional themes or plugins – there are thousands of free and commercial WordPress plugins and themes available, and chances are that before too long you’ll want to install more or experiment with different designs. We can install extra plugins and themes for you for an additional fee. The time and cost depends on the particular plugin or themes complexity.
  • Backups – Backups are not included, unless you purchase one of our fully-managed solutions. Therefore once your site is installed I suggest that you run a full site backup immediately, (backup files AND database) & store it on your PC – then if an emergency happens in the future & you needed to re-install your site quickly then you can use the backup. I also suggest doing another complete backup once you have finished working on your site and then regular backups after that (there are plugins which can automate this task for you – just setup and forget).


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