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Installation Services Terms & Conditions

Please note: Website Design, Building or Installation cannot begin until the product and any services required have been paid for.

Once payment has been made you will need to provide us with certain essential details (such as your Web-Server cpanel URL, Domain Name, Business Website Name, Business Email Address etc).


Web Hosting & Domain Name

You will need a web-hosting account AND a domain name before we can begin to build or install your website(s). If you do not already have web hosting then we can arrange it for you. Please contact us to discuss your hosting needs.

For domain names purchases (& configuring /setting them up etc) we can also assist also  – please contact us today to discuss your needs.


Time / Turnaround:

We try to complete all work as soon as possible, and our (WordPress) “Budget Turnkey Website” installations, “Premium Websites” and mobile websites should be completed within 48-72 hours following our notification & verification of your payment (Monday to Friday).

However please note that work involving custom built websites, website revamps/renovations and custom-built mobile apps etc will usually take much longer, and the time required for each custom job will depend on a number of things, such as the complexity of the work involved.



Once work has been carried out we cannot provide refunds for work completed except under certain circumstances (eg: if we have failed to deliver within a reasonable time) , however there are some exceptions.


Custom Work:

Custom design or development work can be very labor-intensive and is built specifically for each client, therefore no refunds are allowed.  If for any reason you are not happy with our work then we will work with you until you are happy (however, so far we’ve never had to do that).

Please note that any delays due to factors beyond our control, (such as faults or bugs in 3rd party products such as WordPress plugins, themes etc) are beyond our control and therefore no refunds will be issued.


Turnkey Websites & “Ready-to-Wear” Website Themes:

These products are sold “as-is”, meaning there is usually no customization or design work involved unless you should specifically require it  – therefore there is no refund on these items, so please view our demos and chose carefully before purchasing.

(Note: we have provided a large range of live demo sites on our premier web design site, (BestCheapWebsiteDesign.com),  to enable you to see exactly what you are getting before you commit to purchasing).

We work very hard to satisfy our customers, and we also provide excellent value-for-money.