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FAQ – About Our Budget Turnkey Websites



FAQ – About Our “Budget Turnkey Websites”….

Q1: What “Type” of website software or CMS platform are they built on?

A1:  WordPress.

Q2: Are they “complete” sites? or just templates?

A2: Complete websites! – They are essentially complete “websites in a box”. They include articles, images, advertisements – basically they contain everything you will need to get you started quickly – and so much faster than building a website from scratch. The basic configurations are already setup and the basic plugins are installed and configured for you. You can keep the pre-installed articles and add to them or re-write them or even replace them altogether, it’s up to you. Because the content is already in place it makes building your site much faster, allowing you to open your site days – if not weeks – earlier than traditional website building methods.

Q3: After purchasing, how long does it take you to install & set up everything?

A3: Once we’ve received your order and confirmed payment then it should only take a day or so before your new website goes live, unless you should require additional work (such as eg: logo design etc). We will need some details from you before we can install your site (see next question)

Q4: What things will I need to have BEFORE my site can be installed?

Unless these items are already included, you will also need:

* A Web hosting account

* A Domain Name

* A logo (logo must be the size as per your chosen theme requires – Note: if you don’t already have one then we can design one for you, or edit your current logo to suit the new theme.)

We will also need access to your domain name account – we will need this in order to ‘point’ the domain name server to the new website server (….this is done by logging into your domain name account & setting the DNS server details).

Q3: How hard are the turnkey website packages to install?

A3: The turnkey websites are relatively easy to install and set up, however installing any website safely and securely on a server is probably best left to experienced users. This is because we know ie: what permissions should be used on the website files and folders, and we can also advise you on many other things, such as how to prevent hacking, etc. You would also need to be able to install WordPress and do all the other tasks required to install a website – such as create a MySQL Database (plus the database user account for that database) etc.

By installing and configuring everything ready for you, we make it far easier and much, much faster than if you had tried to do it all by yourself from scratch  –  End result is that you can spend your time focusing on your business, and leave us to take care of all the website (and server) technical matters.